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Date: 28th August 2016
High Performance Stone Crusher Equipment With CE Certification
1?High performance stone crusher equipment ?with CE certification2?Type:Secondary CrushingInput Size:30mm--460mmProcessed Materials:Limestone, Granite, Gabbro, Basalt, River Stone, Coal Gangue, Quartz, Diabase,Iron Ore, Copper Ore, Zinc Ore, Manganese Ore, etc. Applications:Aggregates Shaping, Mechanism sand, Bituminous Concrete, Metal Mine, Sand Making, Chemical, Road, RailwayCapacity:16-744 TPHDelivery Detail: After the payment, according to customer demandPackaging Details:International standardInstallation:Engineer assignedColor:As your requestMotor Type:AC Motor3?Product ?Description?Stone crusher equipment not only improves the production capacity and crushing efficiency, but also widens applying area, hardness range of materials from limestone to basalt. It has a great crushing performance in the work of medium-size crushing, fine crushing and super fine crushing. ?It is the most ideal equipment for large stone crushing factory and mining industry.Stone crusher equipment was widely used in mining, concrete factory, sand stone making, etc. The machinery?s pressure resistance strength is under 350Mpa. And stone crusher equipment manual are widely suitable for primary crushing of many kinds of mining and rock such as many kinds of ores, concrete, fireproof material, bauxite, quartzite, corundum, perlite, ironstone, basalt, etc.4?Working Principle?Stone crusher equipment ,During operation, ?the engine rotates around a fixed point driven by the belt wheel or the coupling. The transmission shaft and the conical part of the crushing machine swing under the force from the eccentric bushing, which makes the crushing wall close to the pierced mortar wall at intervals. Then, the ores will be impacted, squeezed and bent constantly in the crushing chamber. The eccentric shaft drives the main shaft to make the movable cone plate swing at a regulated track from time to time, the materials are crushed due to constant pressed and crooked in the crushing cavity. At last, the whole ore crushing process is finished.5?Product ?Features?1.High crushing ratio and production efficiency.2. Wide range of application suitability.3. symons cone crusher manual is Easy to maintain, reduce the downtime and maintenance costs.4. ?Easy maintenance and operation.5. Stable bevel wheel transmission device6. Balanced runout rotation ensures best capacity.7. Proper operation, continuously load until the machine shut down scheduled.6?Product ?Specifications?TypeModelCavity TypeDiameter of cone (mm)Adjusting Range of Discharge ? ? ?Opening (mm)Recommend feeding size when the minimum output size (mm)Max feed ? ? ?size (mm)Capacity (t/h)Main ? ? ?Motor ? ? ?Power (kw)Weight (kg)Overall ? ? ?Dimension ? ? ?(L?W?H) (mm)2?FTPSGB- 0607Standard fine6006-38706016-502245002195?1158?1651PSGB- 0609Standard medium10-38958018-65PSGB- 0611Standard coarse13-381109022-70PSGD- 0603Short head fine3-1335309-35PSGD- 0605Short head coarse5-16504022-703?FTPSGB- 0910Standard fine9009-221028545-917599802656?1636?2241PSGB- 0917Standard coarse13-3817515059-163PSGB- 0918Standard super coarse25-38178150118-163PSGD-0904Short head fine3-13413527-9010530PSGD-0906Short head medium3-16766527-100PSGD-0907Short head coarse6-191028559-1294.25?FTPSGB- 1313Standard fine129513-31137115109-181160224602983?1866?3156PSGB- 1321Standard medium16-38210178132-253PSGB- 1324Standard coarse19-51241205172-349PSGB- 1325Standard super coarse25-51259220236-358PSGD-1306Short head fine3-16645436-16322590PSGD-1308Short head medium6-16897682-163PSGD-1310Short head coarse8-2510589109-227PSGD-1313Short head super coarse16-25133113209-2365.5?FTPSGB- 1620Standard fine167616-38209178181-327220432703941?2954?3771PSGB- 1624Standard medium22-51241205258-417PSGB- 1626Standard coarse25-64269228299-635PSGB- 1636Standard super coarse38-64368313431-630PSGD-1607Short head fine5-13706090-20943870PSGD-1608Short head medium6-198976136-281PSGD-1613short head coarse10-25133113190-336PSGD-1614Short head super coarse13-25133113253-3367?FTPSGB- 2127Standard fine213419-38278236544-1034400867304613?3302?4638PSGB- 2133Standard medium25-51334284862-1424PSGB- 2136Standard coarse31-643693141125-1814PSGB- 2146Standard super coarse38-644603911252-1941PSGD-2110Short head fine5-1610589218-46389500PSGD-2113Short head medium10-19133113404-580PSGD-2117Short head coarse13-25178151517-680PSGD-2120Short head super coarse16-25203172580-744